About Us
Binlei. Liu, Ph.D.

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Dr. Liu Binlei, the founder of Binhui Biopharm, received his PhD from the University of Southampton. He has focused on cancer immunity and oncolytic virus research for more than 20 years. Dr. Liu worked as head  of molecular biology at BIOVEX where he  made great contribution to the development of OncoVexGM-CSF (T-VEC) that is the first oncolytic virus with efficacy and safety proved through clinical trials I to III. T-VEC was acquired by AMGEN for $1 billion in early 2011. Subsequently, T-VEC was approved for market by FDA in 2015 and EMEA in 2016, respectively. He was selected as a special expert of Hubei Province and 3551 Talent Plan upon his return to China in 2009. He has led the Binhui R&D team to undertake a number of national scientific projects from the Major Scientific Program for New Drug Development, 863, 973, the Natural Science Foundation and the National Industrial Innovation Fund, among others. Dr. Liu and his team developed an unique platform for oncolytic herpes simplex virus of type II with enhanced oncolytic activity and improved anti-tumor immunity.