Quality System

Intellectual Property Protection

Binhui Bio has always been committed to strengthening the construction of an intellectual property management system and strictly protecting the intellectual property rights of customers, partners, and its own.

Strategy for intellectual


Binhui Bio will constantly improve its intellectual property protection capabilities, including personnel, IT, document, and policy & process managements, to create an environment that is conducive to intellectual property protection.

Binhui Bio guarantees that all project information will remain confidential, including all information provided by both parties in cooperation with the customer or newly generated based on the project, and it will not provide such information to third parties or use it for any other purpose without the consent of the customer.

Binhui Bio promises not to seek a patent separately on inventions and creations derived from customer technical information without the customer's permission. Customers' technical information includes technical documents, email materials, meeting exchanges, and other information provided by customers formally or informally.

Binhui Bio promises zero tolerance to intellectual property infringement.

IP management organization

Binhui Bio has established a full-time management department for intellectual property.

Physical security

The facility is zoned according to confidentiality levels, protected by an access control system and perimeter security system, and monitored by an omnidirectional camera with no blind spot.

Human resource security

The company strictly implements the employment and resignation procedures. Upon employment, new employees will sign confidentiality non-competition agreements; while employees will be evaluated for their implementation of non-competition agreements when they leave. In-service employees should strictly follow the signed confidentiality agreements.

Asset security

Specify the protection level, responsible person, use management, and end-of-life disposal of assets in information security to ensure the security of assets and the information involved.

Information security in project management

Scientific management is always in information sharing and transmission across the entire project management process, from customer inquiry to project R&D to commercial production to transportation and after sale management, in order to maximize information security.

Third-party security

Reduce the risk of infringement and information leakage by regulating suppliers, outsourcing units, contractors, and agents, checking IP background, signing confidentiality agreements, conducting intellectual property audits, etc.

IT system security

Ensure the security of the IT system from the development and maintenance of IT system and software, correspondence, mobile equipment, telecommuting, etc.

Business continuity management

By formulating rules and reinforcing management, company IP protection can ensure that the management requirements of IP rights are optimal, and can meet the needs of all projects.

Information security processing and review

Binhui Bio has established a professional IP management department.