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The advanced mRNA-LNP genetic immunization technology for antibody production that Binhui Bio developed in-house is more superior to the traditional antibody preparation process. By leveraging mRNA-LNP nanoparticles as immunogens instead of conventional protein antigens, antibodies can be prepared efficiently, rapidly, and economically. This method is particularly useful for proteins that are not easily expressed in vitro. Based on this platform, Binhui Bio provides a variety of services, including polyclonal and monoclonal antibody preparation, antibody labeling, antibody sequencing, etc.


Polyclonal Antibody Preparation
Monoclonal Antibody Preparation



High-efficiency preparation by using mRNA-LNP nanoparticles with higher target antigen specificity as immunogens instead of conventional protein antigens

Short antigen preparation cycle, which can be completed within 3 days, rather than the conventional one month cycle

Faster hybridoma cell screening and higher positive rate

Mature and high yield purification process that can address the requirements of milligrams to grams of monoclonal or polyclonal antibody preparations

High affinity, high purity, and high titer of produced antibodies

Once the customer provides the antigen sequence, the preparation can be started, particularly beneficial for protein antigens that are not easily expressed in vitro

Antibody Preparation Service Manual

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